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Thoughts on electing an evil leader and making sure it doesn't happen again,

So ok, maybe that is a bit much, but I am not sure. My other blog talks more about what is happening in the non political/covid world, and I know that by writing something with the title above I will get calls and notes telling me I am wrong, misguided, stupid or just ill informed. And frankly, many of those might be true. I can't say for sure I am smart, or informed or even have anything more than my own opinion about things. But I do have that, and I get to for the low price of $15.00 a month, express my opinion.

I have voted for republicans, admittedly not many, but i have. I don't agree with most of the policies, but when you are voting sometimes you make decisions based on many factors. I voted for Rick Snyder as I thought his opponents were so partisan as to lack any semblance of independent thought, and to some extent I was right. But I look now at the divisiveness of our society and wonder how people can look to certain candidates, and not just the president although he is the standard bearer of horror for political thought, and wonder how has this happened. How have we as a country become not just opposites, but filled with such hatred and mistrust of each other.

First, it clearly comes from the top, and then it comes from the bottom. When people at the bottom, to me, lack any ability to look at a message and realize how overtly horrific it is, or worse. don't care, or even worse like it, or refuse to even entertain the thought it might be wrong, it is not hard to see how we have arrived at this place. What is then worse is when the message is meant by its purpose to to divide, to pit people against each other for the sole purpose of grabbing power, votes and then profit, how can we wonder what has happened?

The last four years have been just awful, both sides may agree on that, and as I tend left, maybe I am missing something, but I don't think so. I wonder how people who call themselves Christians(I'm jewish full disclosure), who call themselves moral standard bearers, who call themselves people who love our country and what it stands for, can support someone who seeks only to divide? How do people who claim to follow the bible vote for someone who openly disdains religious beliefs, in his personal life and how he handles his office? There was a time, just a few years ago when our differences are often what made us better, agree on policy then go have lunch. Now we see people who support the president(and again not all) calling their opponents stupid, calling them un-American, and worse, lacking any semblance of actual debate, and just going to the gutter of ideas and defenses.

Since when have we as a society had such blind faith in our leaders and in a leader who openly disdains his own supporters? Forget about ignoring science, and placing your supporters in open danger, what about just showing some simple respect for people who do not agree with you or who are simply different? Again, maybe I am ignorant, but it all just makes me sort of sad. I am not sure how people support someone who simply flouts and goes against everything that has made our country great, and everything that we as a society, as people, as parents and as just human beings would strive to be. Decent, empathetic, sympathetic, caring and open minded? We have a leader who is simply the opposite of everything we want to be and want our kids to be, yet I watch rallies where people raise their hands and celebrate what they think is the epitome of being American.

I know only a few will read this, but even if even one person does, it's enough. Even I think Joe Biden is less than what he used to be and less than I want him to be, I want to be able to not be embarrassed by our president and have some degree of confidence he actually cares about the country, not just himself and his pocket book. I am not sure that is asking too much?