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I am writing this as there is a dearth of first hand information about there about “Frozen Shoulder”, well, there is some, but this is about me and golf and guitar. Take all at face value, I am not a doctor, although I have a doctor in the family. Hopefully someone can get some idea of what to expect and to follow progress and maybe not just feel alone or as I do sometimes, just fell silly saying what I have. I can tell even my father who is a doctor, thinks I am making something up. Any questions, feel free to make a comment here or to e mail me at

This all started in mid January 2017. I had spent weeks in europe, no issues and a few weeks at home with no problem. About the middle of the month I had what for me was a tell take sign. When I tried to reach quickly for something it was beyond painful. grabbing something that was going to fall off the passenger seat, reaching to turn on a light over my head during the night, trying to play guitar while sitting down, acoustic, were all excruciating. I was doing some traveling with my daughter and a few ties she noticed I was in essentially agony. It was not constant, I think the pain is a little more constant now, three months later, but rarely has it been totally life limiting. Reaching, leaning on it to get up from a couch, and pain during the night, although I can still sleep, just not great.

I assumed this was nothing major, and decided for the first month to even travel and I took a golf trip. I played three times in four days I could play, a driver at full bore was impossible. The pain after the swing, and I could swing, was unbearable. But I was and am able to swing with irons and woods, just slower and I don’t follow through. But a month later it was no better and I had a tournament to play in, so I saw an ortho. I got a shot, of no help, he did an ultrasound which showed really nothing and PT was prescribed. because of approvals and such that was three weeks later.

For better or worse I did play in the tournament, it was doable but very limiting. I am an 8 handicap so I do play and with a 35 MPH wind each day it was very hard and painful. Warming up helped, but yardage was 3/4 at best and certain shows like sand shots, wow. So I came home and it was my PT who said what I had. He said if I had a tear, it would be unbearable, and it was clear what I had because of the limitations of lifting my right arm behind my back from butt up to back(the worst) and similar stretches. We have embraced on a series of stuff twice a week.

What I have found is that it gives me relief that day but nothing long term, I am walking and doing things at home, but will probably stop the PT after another week. Interestingly I can lift things with no issue, including suitcases and heavy bags as long as I keep the motion simple. Quick movements are very painful. Laying down hurts, but sitting up is better. Advil helps, but not much. The one thing I have been told, and another trip to Florida is next week, is that this is all pain tolerance and ROM tolerance My PT said swing as hard ad I want if I can absorb the pain.(can’t) but I can’t make it worse. I do notice ebbs and flows, some days I have nothing but ROM issues, other days, like today, shooting pains, although the weather doesn’t help. Typing a lot makes it slightly worse, but doable.

I will update every month or so, but hopefully this helps some people who have this issue come have no where to turn and who get odd looks of huh?

So now it is middle of May, I have tried to play golf a few times here in Michigan, once was pretty awful, but got better. Inlayed yesterday without warming up, which I now know is the key to getting through this. I have changed my swing a little to be less upright and more of a inside swing so there is less extension. I played the first five holes in 9 over par, I was basically flailing at the ball, it was awful and I was ready to quit. I then woke up or something, warmed up, and played the next 13 holes in four over, including four drives over 260 yards. It really came down to being stretched, loosening and mentally knowing that there would be some pain but to get over myself. It did hurt a lot last night, but I can live with that....

So it is now the ned of June, and while I am still in pain, hurts at night, and the same issues with reaching and such, I have made it more manageable. My golf game is better and getting better, with just a small tweak of swinging more inside, although when I miss the wrong way it still kills. Guitar playing is better but after 30 minutes it really hurts. But if anyone actually reads this, an some of the horror stories, yeah it's pretty awful, especially when you are told that there really is not any proven treatment and it will get better in a year or two, it is different for everyone. As I type this, it hurts, stiff and sore, but I am also only limited by what I can tolerate, it is very clear that no matter what I do, save for breaking rocks or something which is unlikely, I cannot make it worse, it is now just live with it, get funny looks at times an stop complaining, because at the end of the day no one actually cares.