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One last day-Scott Sitner

Vista Verde, Colorado

This is what it looks like on there last day at about 745 am. This is on a walk to to breakfast, most people rode, we walked. This is a picture form the homestead, which is a small plot and house where they do things like this. Sort of a perfect way to start the morning. Like most mornings it was cold to start, then warmed up by 10 am to summer temps. The whole week there has been almost no humidity, sunshine every day but one, chilly nights with stars you can't see at home. One of the things you notice here besides the quiet, is the serenity. Things just move at a different pace. This is still a business, this is not a trip for the masses, people are for better or worse are people of means who can afford the price. But you wouldn't know any of that just by looking. Everyone has been nice, down to earth, non pretentious and all happy to be here.

The rest of the day was relegated to reading a book here

buying my oldest a mattress for her new home in a week, and just relaxing. We ddi a cooking class that was more like a chat with the chef, and we made pasta, more roughing it. Dinner:

and a small haphazard concert in the lodge:

By 8:30 everyone was done, packing and home. Tomorrow is travel day, more shopping because we have four hours to kill and a long day. Good night

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