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I am going to a ranch, Vista Verde, in Clark Colorado:

(apparently there are two Clarks so I have been looking at the wrong weather forecast) I fancy one with horses and mountains and rivers and such. Not really in my wheelhouse but hard to turn it down, it looks like the type of place where there will be people who not only hike, but hike on their own 500 acre parcels and own lots of their own horses. I am normally more inclined to be at a golf course here or n Floirda, yearly trips to las vegas or the like but sort of have to try new things. I was also told that well, there are no televisions really anywhere, the internet is sporadic at best except in the lodge where they have bandwidth the size of AOL in 1993. But apparently it is crazy pretty, with real chefs who serve up food that is the other side of camp fare. And while I have trav

eled a lot, I have not had a real vacation being away for a week in a long time......

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