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Fore-Scott Sitner-Golf Day

I I got to play golf today, at the play above, Rolling Stone Golf, A very pretty course part of a Sheraton hotel development. I didn't need to fish, didn't want to hike again, and no one cared if I played golf. The ranch gave me a car which was great, I could come and go as I wanted, made an 11:00 am tee time. With rental clubs and such it was $115.00 for 9 holes, and I thought that was very fair. The course has great views, is very playable, in front of you mostly, but challenging, conditions were decent, but end of the year beat up. but the views are nothing like home.

Lunch and more shopping after golf in Steamboat, I think I have seen every store twice and duo not need any other western or cowboy attire, so just lunch at of all thing a Vietnamese place. Presents are all purchased, and had a great drive back, it is crazy nice, I even stopped at the river which is a few miles form the ranch and walked around.

Short day, I got back in time to clean up and have dinner. The menu again is a great restaurant, although interestingly anyone who had halibut the other night really didn't ;like it. Everything else has been approved.

The food has been great, but what is interesting for the deserts, they are trying to hard. Everything is some complicated item, most of us would kill for a piece amazing cake, something simple and great. I had sorbet they always keep in the back, which was great

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