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Day three fun and stuff...Scott Sitner

Yeah, the above is how we are all starting our day....I get to have carbs every day. The funny thing is is really interesting to see how people eat, whether they are skipping diets, whether they are afraid a little to try different things or whether like me, the hell with it. diabetes can always be controlled next week. The food here again is great, it's fresh, tastes great and is clearly of the highest caliber. It is almost like being on a cruise, order what you want, they bring it, only down side is only one desert a day.

This is how I really started my day. We went on another hike, and easy one, about three miles around Pearl Lake, a small, state owned lake. The weather is perfect, basically our guide just walked us on a trail around the lake, the pictures basically speak for themselves. It's funny I get used to the great lakes, and some great things in Michigan, but the reality is nothing compares to this, it just can't be replicated anywhere. so here:(Pearl Lake State Park)

Like I said there is nothing back home that compares. And the lack of noise is something that I really am sort of getting used to but still find weird. No traffic noise, just nature, and the occasional horse of person. I am not sure I'd like this forever, but for a brief period of time it is really nice not to hear just, noise.

The above is the fire remnants. The black is all the burnt trees, earlier this evening we could see smoldering. Just amazing. and just as attractive, Blue the cat

A word again about food, tonight was Bar b Que. Like with everything, i sort of cannot believe how good everything is. Nothing feels commercial, it all feels like it was made with care and thought. As good as anything I've had in years. Although honestly who really likes ginger molasses cookies. Ick. I also tried line dancing, to great failure. I ended up drinking instead

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