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Day One-travel and shopping, oh and we got here


Hopefully not a harbinger of things to come but at 630 am I was convinced I had locked my keys in the trunk of the car with everything inside the car, and of course doors locked and no other key handy, turned out I had just thrown into a drawer, five minutes of abject panic thinking I was going to miss the flight because I was an idiot. And then ten minutes on the way to the airport one of my tires is low, guess I will deal with that on the way back. The airport is covid dead, well at least just dead. It seems like they just decided to not fly on Sundays. Which is good since I can eat. Air Margaritaville, highly recommended for a airport breakfast at the North terminal in Detroit.

Flying United Airlines @United. First class, sort of excited, what a disappointment. The plane is old, sort of filthy, you can see the dirt on the plastic in between the seats, no screens in the seats and a sort of working plug. I mean I know I sound like, well exactly that, but after doing Delta fist class al year, what a difference. And our flight attendents, who I am sure are loved by family and friends could not have been more distant. I got my tapas snack box, I am not sure she ever offered a drink and that was that. Good thing is easy flight landed early in Denver and plenty of time to catch the 35 minute flight to Steamboat. That one was really turbulent and quick thank god.

The ranch picks people up and I am pretty sure in their ads looking for people they say “must be out of central casting”. Clint was there to pick us up in jeans, long sleeve western shirt and hat and a southern accent that fit perfectly. And apparently he is really god looking I was later told. We went to lunch since it was too early to “check in”, I had my first drink, and then spent $200 on a cowboy hat for no good reason except it sort of felt like I should. Steamboat itself is nice, small but not tiny, stores ranged from Luluemon to 1906 cowboy stores, where I got my hat. More on the city later, shopping trip Wednesday, may neen matching boots…..I also bought a hat, and being a rank tourist bought the one that cost $200.


First, the drive is great, you pass houses and mountains and rivers, its just great. One of the amazing things is we are only a few weeks past some serious forest fires that were less than a mile from the ranch. They laugh it off but to see the black trees and barren patches is amazing. Most people of my age, kinda late fifties, remember the movie City Slickers, which I am sure makes the owners here nuts. But a bunch of well off suburbanites trying to find themselves and get back to nature at a ranch that is designed for well-off subarbinties… But to put it lightly the place is spectacular. The views are beyond belief, the facilities are fist class, I am staying in a house that is 1300 or so square feet, sleeps four people, has bathrooms with heated floors. The lodge is this:

But to put it lightly the place is spectacular. The views are beyond belief, the facilities are first class, I am staying in a house that is easily the equivalent of a four star plus hotel, marble bathrooms and large showers, heated floors, furniture that feels perfectly in place but is clearly very very high quality. And a full mini bar that is included so I do not feel bad actually eating the food.

Tonight is just dinner and meeting people, this is again not roughing it. Prime rib, salmon, quinoa, gross and kale, showing clearly who they are reaching for……Everyone is wiped out, in bed by 830, sleeping off and on until….

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