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DAY FOUR-Shopping.......-Steamboat Springs proper


Just starting I am up early, like 5:30 early, no one else is, including travel companions. About 630 I took a little walk, the silence is still deafening, just some people wandering around, horses getting woken up, a food delivery truck, and just well, peace. I am not sure if I am used to it, but I don't hate it. Look at the last picture and see the horses getting in the morning run, this is nothing you will see in Detroit. And for normalcy....I worked for an hour, placed a catering order. Decided Stage Deli charging a $450 tray deposit fee is a little nuts

Six of us were taken into town to shop, we ventured off because my friend is experienced and knows all the good stores to go too, well, for her.....Steamboat is quaint although you can tell is is still a tourist town, lots of places to eat including the required thai, indian, italian and mexican places. Lots of places that have clearly been here awhile, including EM Light circa 1905(more latter), and some last week, think Lululemon, North Face and Marmot. We tried to stick to local, including the candy store that no longer sells bulk food you can grab it is al wrapped up, thanks Covid!!!!! I found a super cute actual book store steamboat . Just a cute old fashioned book store, that was nice. We wandered, I bought the matching boots to my hat, cool enough they are cool, but not like cowboy boots I would never wear again. Got a cool knife and belt too.....scary. Had a great lunch at winona's.

We drove ourselves back, ate some of the chocolate and crashed. Dinner, was great, maybe a little more seasoning on the Halibut, but how can I complain. I also got to have dinner with the owner, I won't mention which one. Was a fascinating discussion once we stopped talking about golf. He is a young finance guy, with lots of kids who bought this in 2016. It was interesting to hear his take on the place, even though i am sure much was tempered because I am well a guess. We were also clearly on opposite sides politically but were able to find common ground have just a really nice talk. On the downside, I really didn't like desert, really need a good piece of cake.

The day ended with clouds and rain, no one actually cared. But seeing thrcloptd,s above, over and into the mountains made you realize how high up and where you were. pretty, things again you never see at home.

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