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DAY FIVE-another hike, some hunters and dinner in the sky-Scott Sitner

The morning-6:45 am give or take.....

I started the morning early, not exactly on purpose, but the time change is just there, I have not adjusted so I am up at 5:00 or 5:30 am and just up. Trying to be quiet lest I wake anyone up......Another pancake, cinnamon roll, cereal(fruit loops today amazing), eggs Benedict, just sort of gets a little more ridiculous by the day


Bandit was awake too by the way.

We are going on another hike this time more in the forest than the trees so to speak, really just more secluded. First thing we noticed is there amount of cars, apparently elk hunting season started yesterday, bow hunting so not too concerned but still. The hike was pretty, see here:

Just pretty. hard to say much else. We did encounter some hunters, I am not they may also have been ads for Bass Pro Shops, although the arrows the were holding were well, scary.

Dinner is a little hard to explain the setting, first I rode my horse there and back and as a friend said, certain words just are rarely uttered by middle aged jewish men....but the pictures below really just say it all, this is what we looked at while the grilled steaks and fish, served us shrimp cocktail and made on the mountain cobbler.

This is our gang-plus or minus a few

I honestly can't say anything else

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