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A word about Covid-Scott Sitner

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Hard to do this without even mentioning this, I think all of us here are trying to avoid the conversation with no success. To the staff's credit, and it is clear thasome number of them are not vaccinated, they do wear masks both when asked and just in the ordinary course of service. outside is a different story, but that's not real high risk anyway. As far as there rest of us, there is one older couple here who are very nice and largely staying to themselves and told us they are "covid paranoid" We wave, say hi from across the room and all is good. No one else is wearing a mask however in talking to people it seems like all 17 of us have been vaccinated which is interesting and has led to some interesting conversations. Even if we are all politically diverse, everyone seems to agree those that are not vaccinated, are on their own. Just an interesting aside, take from it what you will depending how important it is to you

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