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Planning Travels

My ranch visit and other traveling newness

By Scott Sitner


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One last day-Scott Sitner

Vista Verde, Colorado This is what it looks like on there last day at about 745 am. This is on a walk to to breakfast, most people...

Fore-Scott Sitner-Golf Day

I I got to play golf today, at the play above, Rolling Stone Golf, A very pretty course part of a Sheraton...

A word about Covid-Scott Sitner

Hard to do this without even mentioning this, I think all of us here are trying to avoid the conversation with no success. To the...

Day three fun and stuff...Scott Sitner

Yeah, the above is how we are all starting our day....I get to have carbs every day. The funny thing is is really interesting to see how...

Scott Sitner-Vista Verde-day 2

DAY TWO-REALLY AM IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE Waking up at 5 am in a unfamiliar place with total darkness is weird thing, what seems even...


I am going to a ranch, Vista Verde, in Clark Colorado: (apparently there are two Clarks so I have been looking at the...

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